Consistency pays off


Earlier this month I was rewarded with being named one of the committed members for the month of February, at my box. Now you’re probably wondering two things. What’s a committed member and what did I win. The photo below addresses the latter question but I will tell you more about how I or anyone else at my box becomes a committed member.


So at the beginning of the year, the box announced that they would be rewarding those members who would take up the challenge of committing to attend a minimum of 15 classes per month. Also, members stood to be rewarded for consistent attendance during each quarter and ultimately the year. Those who did would be afforded the opportunity to be entered into raffles and win some sweet prizes at the box.


So upon learning of this I decided that I would take up the challenge and strive to be a committed club member. I tried in January to get it done but I think I missed the bar by one class. Disappointed but not dismayed I endeavoured to make it come February. When I opened my email to see this image I was ecstatic. Now more than ever I’m driven to be a committed club member for all the remaining months of the year.

Now what I like about this entire initiative is that being committed to attending classes benefits me greatly in achieving my fitness goals while at the same time being eligible to win prizes. I honestly could not ask for anything more.


Wherever you are on your journey to fitness, remember to keep focused and stay the course.

Stay committed. Stay disciplined.

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Posted by Azania Phillips Wednesday, March 20, 2019 8:38:00 AM


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