​Its been a minute.
A quick update.
I know I’ve not posted anything in a little while but that’s because I’ve been trying to push through the ‘downs’ of life as they sometimes come. September was a rough month but I made it to the box more times than I thought I would. 
However, the month of my birth has arrived and to celebrate it specially, I intend to go into the box almost every day this month. Now let me state upfront, that Sundays are out (I’m not missing church) but I will try my best to get some Saturdays in.
So you’re probably wondering, “it’s October 2nd. Did you go yesterday Carlos?”. Yes, I did and you’ll soon be getting evidence of these ‘almost daily, box trips’.
So stay glued to this page for the coming updates.
Stay committed.
Stay disciplined.
Follow me to fitness.
Like. Follow. Comment. Share. 
Posted by Azania Phillips Wednesday, October 2, 2019 8:40:00 AM


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