A new week: New things.

Last week at the box was a really exciting time for me. To begin with, I went 4 days back to back and started a new WOD Lite class. In the last week, I’ve noticed an increase in strength that I have not realized before and I am very excited to keep this going. 


WOD Lite

The new WOD Lite class is designed to be a bridge between a WOD class and the WOD Basic class and provide workouts that will get you in shape, tone you up and make you stronger. What I particularly like about the WOD Lite class so far is the special attention paid to a specific movement. It helps in knowing that your technique will get better and better provided that you listen to the coaches and make the necessary corrections to each movement. 

In the first class, the movement was the “Deadlift”. Now I’ve seen these done before in various online spaces but to actually work on the movement myself was nothing like watching it. Big shout out to coach Russell Grant who was there to make sure that we as a class got our technique correct and to kick our butts when needed.


4 Days


For the first time since starting at LIMITLESS, I attended the box 4 days back to back. To be honest I was amazed at my body’s ability to be able to handle the workouts on consecutive days but surprising to me after the fourth day I wanted to keep going but I heeded the advice of my friend who reminded me about the importance of rest. So after last Thursday, I took the weekend (Friday included) off. I’m eagerly looking forward to next week and the new WOD Lite class and all the ways that my body will continue to surprise me.


I want to encourage you to continue with the work regardless of wherever you are on your fitness journey. The workouts might not get easier but we get stronger and better and the results will come. 

Stay committed. Stay disciplined. 
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Wednesday, February 20, 2019 8:00:00 AM


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