Christian Developer to Create World's First 'Video Bible' App for People with Dyslexia, Literacy Challenges 

The Video Bible was founded by Dave Pillow, who intends to use the audio-visual platform to reach people who have trouble reading a physical Bible and children who are too young to read.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Pillow noted that The Video Bible is also intended for anyone who wants to add something “unique” to their intake of Scripture.

“We have a heart for the Church around the world. We have a heart for the Lord, and we felt called to this,” Pillow explained. “I think we want people to know Jesus better and that God loves them. We saw there was a need, and so we wanted to give people better access to God’s Word.”

Although no release date has been set, Pillow says that The Video Bible will be available as an app.


In the meantime, people can check out The Video Bible on its website and YouTube channel. Some of its content is also featured on the YouVersion Bible app.

Pillow shared that the resources The Video Bible has on its website and YouTube page are already proving to be valuable for people with dyslexia and literacy problems and those who simply prefer an audio Bible over a written copy.

“My neighbor said when you get older, it’s harder to concentrate. So, it’s helping her,” he explained. “This resonates with everyone. I think that in a video-driven world, it gives people the chance to engage the Bible in the way they address the media.”

Pillow pointed out that 75 million Americans, or 20 percent of the population, struggle with reading, and 35 million have dyslexia. Additionally, 54.1 million senior citizens find it difficult to read, and almost one-third of the nation’s population is limited in their ability to read the Bible.


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Man Finds Freedom through Christ after Being Involved in Satanism, the Occult for 33 Years 

A former Satanist turned pastor recently shared how he found Christ after being involved in Satanism for more than three decades.


According to The Christian Post, Brian Cole shared his testimony on the final episode of The Playing With Fire Podcast with Billy Hallowell.



Cole told Hallowell, “I was 10 years old, and I had an abusive father … I was bullied at school, and my mom forced us to go to church.”

Cole also suffered emotional abuse at his church. Eventually, he befriended a group of older kids who treated him with respect despite not realizing they were Satanists at the moment in time.


“They were talking to me, they were paying attention to me,” he said. “They weren’t calling me names and beating me down.”


Cole later realized his new friends were Satanists, and they wanted him to get involved in some of their practices.

“One of the first rituals I was in, they were going to sacrifice a squirrel. I told them I would not do that,” he said, citing his love for animals. “They said, ‘Well, [Satan] demands blood, so you’re going to have to cut yourself,’ so I did. And that ended up being an addiction for 33 years — the cutting and self-mutilation.”

As time went on, Cole would start wrecking Christian symbols in graveyards and smashing nativities even though he wasn’t theologically involved with Satanism until later on.

“I was kind of the dabbling guy from 10 until I was 18 years old,” he explained. “When I turned 18, I got arrested … I got a 10-year sentence and, when I went into prison, that’s when it went from dabbling to [being] all-in [on satanism].”


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Christian Watchdog Group to Host International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians 

On Sunday (Nov. 7), Christians around the world will lift their voices in prayer for their brothers and sisters in Christ facing persecution.


The International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians (IDOP) initiative is an annual event launched over two decades ago to remember those who endure persecution and oppression in countries where it is difficult to be a Christian.


In a recent interview with CBN's Prayer Link, David Curry, president and CEO of the persecution watchdog Open Doors USA, called on churches to participate in the special prayer event this Sunday.

"Over 340 million Christians are persecuted or oppressed because of their faith in Jesus," Curry explained. "Some of those places like North Korea are exceptionally difficult if you're caught with the Bible, you may spend the rest of your life in prison or even lose your life."


"Then there are other places around the world where the Gospel is opposed," he continued. "You may be harassed and bothered, so there are any number of ways people can be persecuted for their faith."

Curry, who created the annual World Watch list of countries where Christian persecution is most rampant, further explained that Open Doors has teams placed worldwide to distribute resources to persecuted Christians in need.


"We go and stand with them," Curry said. "We don't just airlift it in. We're going to deliver things to them."

"Prayer is what it's all about," and to "pray is to actively do something to help someone else," he asserted.

Open Doors USA, which has been around for close to 70 years, will be hosting the event online. Other watchdog groups participating in the event include Release International, Christian Solidarity Worldwide and The Evangelical Alliance.


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CeCe Winans Encourages the Next Generation of Gospel Artists to 'Be Anchored in the Word of God' 

Gospel singer and 12-time Grammy Award winner CeCe Winans is calling on the next generation of Christian artists to "be anchored in the Word of God" and to have a home church.


During the 52nd Annual Dove Awards last Friday, Winans performed a rendition of her song "Believe for It."

At the event, she won awards for Gospel Artist of the Year, Gospel Worship Recorded Song of the Year, Gospel Worship Album of the Year and Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year.


"After so many years of doing this, I'm breathing harder … but it gets better," she told reporters after the awards ceremony. "It gets better. I feel so encouraged. And it reminds us that the Word of God is always relevant. It doesn't matter how old you get, the Word of God never gets old. And so I'm excited that I'm getting the chance to connect with the younger generation ... I'm honored to still be a part of this industry," she said.


Winans, 57, also shared that she was reminded of God's faithfulness when she recently became a grandmother.

"When you become a parent, you get a real revelation of God's love," she told The Christian Post. "When you become a grandparent, you get another surge of life. You understand the importance of everything in the world and how it will impact that little one. I am so honored to sing gospel music," she said.


"I'm so, so blessed that I truly believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I'm excited about God being a God of generations; that He keeps being faithful. I know my grandson Wyatt will be just fine," the singer continued.

Winans, who has performed with some of the biggest names in Christian and mainstream music, challenged the next generation of gospel artists to be rooted in a home church as well as the Scriptures.


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Man Credits 'Divine' Intervention for Leading Him to Missing Toddler 

After a 3-year-old boy went missing in his community, Grimes County, Texas, resident Tim Halfin said he felt God was leading him to the boy's location.


Christopher Ramirez went missing around 1:30 pm last Wednesday after he chased his dog into the woods by his house. Ramirez's mother, Araceli Nunez, knew something was wrong when the dog returned home without her son.

Lost for four days in the woods, Ramirez was finally found on Saturday by Halfin.

According to Faithwire, Halfin was sitting in a Bible study on Saturday when he first learned about the missing toddler. ABC News reports that as soon as Halfin learned of Ramirez's disappearance, he felt called by God to go and search for him.


At around 11:45 am, Halfin began searching for Ramirez in the woods near his home when he suddenly heard the voice of a child.

"I said, 'Christopher, is that you?'" Halfin recalled. "Then he speaks again, and I'm like, 'Whoa! Praise God!'" 

Soon, Halfin would stumble upon Christopher, who had removed all of his clothes and was in the woods alone. Halfin quickly called 911, and Sheriff's deputies responded to the scene with Nunez.

"I don't know what to make of it," Halfin told Good Morning America. "All I know is he was found safe. When I picked him up, he was still talking. He wasn't shaking, he wasn't nervous — the things I would expect. Maybe he just sensed, 'I've been found.'"

Halfin added that it must have been "divine" intervention that led him to Ramirez.

Before being found by Halfin, the county sheriff's department had spared no cost looking for the toddler, deploying drones, aircraft, K-9 units and search parties to find him.


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Woman Celebrates Her 110th Birthday, Praises God for Her Long Life 

On Oct. 4, Viola Brown of Berryville celebrated her special day at home with her family and friends.

Among the guests at Brown's party was Clarke County Board of Supervisors Chairman David Weiss, who presented a certificate to the supercentenarian declaring Oct. 4, 2021, as "Viola Roberts Lampkin Brown Day."

While Brown appreciated the gesture, she told Weiss that "Every day that the good Lord lets me stay here is my day."

Brown, who was born in 1911, is the youngest of 13 children and the longest living member of her family. According to the Gerontology Research Group, there are only 17 people in the world who are verified to be older than Brown. All 17 are women.

In a recent interview with The Christian Post, Brown's nephew, Andrew Roberts, also credited his great-aunt's faith for her long life, comparing her to the "saints" of old.

"My personal experience has been nothing but love and joy whenever I'm in her presence. There's never one minute that Jesus doesn't drip off her lips," Roberts told the outlet. "It's as if she embodies Him. Everything she talks about and does, she gives honor and praise to God. I mean everything. She's a literal [believer]."

Brown's 79-year-old daughter, Vonceil Hill, concurred with Roberts that her mom's faith in the Lord has kept her alive and healthy, noting that she did not start taking prescription drugs until she was 101.

"She never took any prescribed medication until she was 101," Hill explained. "They put her on a low dose [medication] for high blood pressure."

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To God Be the Glory: 6,000 People Surrender Their Lives to Christ during SoCal Harvest  

On Sunday, Pastor Greg Laurie hosted the annual outreach event SoCal Harvest at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, with 40,000 people in attendance.

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