Be wary of overconfidence


“Yeah Rommell, you made it and then from there on it was all downhill”. Those are the words of Rommell Hall of Hall-e-Wood Productions recalling the moment his fitness journey went awry and those words encapsulate the idea that I want to speak on this week.


It’s easy to get overconfident when results begin to appear. One day your clothes are fitting better, you notice a flatter stomach and maybe one or two abs and you like the reflection you see in the mirror. It’s at this time that you have to be careful of the “I’ve made it” mindset. Some days when I wake up to go to the Box I think to myself, “ you’re doing so well now and isn’t it amazing how your clothes are fitting better? You don’t need to go to the Box today. Stay home and sleep a little longer”. If you sometimes have thoughts like that then I want to tell you that is in those moments that you should haul yourself up out of bed and head on down to the gym/box/boot camp/track or wherever you go to do your workouts.

At other times the thought is “you’ve worked hard this entire week. You deserve a cheat meal. Go on, eat something copious amounts of fried food this weekend”. This is a constant battle. To remain truthful to the course and tone committed and steer clear of complacency.


Your journey to fitness may be long and arduous but while it’s ok to celebrate the victories along the way don’t sidetrack and ruin all your progress by becoming complacent. Stay true to the course. 

Stay committed. Stay disciplined. 
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Wednesday, March 6, 2019 8:00:00 AM


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