The Polar Vortex has come.
“I live in Barbados” are some of the words in the first line of a popular Bajan calypso. When most people think about Barbados they think of lovely beaches, pleasant people and most importantly, warm temperatures. Lately, though we here in Barbados have been experiencing temperatures that we’re not all that familiar with. So last week was a real struggle for me to get to the box for a few reasons, one being this unfamiliar cold.
I got up last Monday, looked at my mobile device and saw this displayed on my home screen. I was stunned. How was I expected to rise from my warm, comfortable, ever-hugging bed and trod through this Bajan winter and arrive safely at the Box? I got up and looked again at my phone. Was it really 23 degrees outside? Do I really want to leave my house and head out to the box with it being this cold? Now I know someone you are probably thinking, “23 degrees really isn’t that cold” and perhaps you’re right but at 3:30AM in the morning every temperature feels like sub 10 degrees.
I dragged myself up and left home. The 20-minute drive seemed shorter than normal and I got to the box with some time to spare. Walked inside looked at the board and saw the burpees in the warm-up. “15 burpees aren’t too bad for a warm-up," I thought to myself, plus, in the overall context of the WOD, the burpees seemed insignificant. After the back squats and running my legs were like jelly. How I actually finished the WOD is still unknown to me. Just goes to show that the old adage is true, “no pain, no gain”. 
Each class teaches me something about myself. After each class, I realise I’m getting stronger, fitter, better and after each class, I realise I still am a long way from where I hope to be but I know that if I keep at it, I’ll see the results I’m longing for. So, keep at it and don’t give up and even if you did give up you can start again and get back at making yourself a better you.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2019 8:02:00 AM


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