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Psalm 3:8
From the LORD comes deliverance. May your blessing be on your people.

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From Transgender to Transformed 

​He called himself Scarlet. He was a recovering crystal meth addict who prostituted his body to other men.

... read more


How the Man Who Vowed Never to Be a Christian Became a Spirit-Filled Star 

Singer Austin French is on a mission to make music that reaches fans' hearts and souls. French, 24, recently shared his incredible journey from skeptical pastor's kid to popular Christian musician—an exploration that forced him to question absolutely everything, ... read more


Singer Tori Kelly Talks Trusting God's Plan with Her Dream 

Grammy Award nominee and singer Tori Kelly reveals in a new video that God opened doors for her career only after she surrendered to Him. ... read more

Pastor Rick Warren Urges Christians to Forgive People for Past Wrong-Doings 

Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren said of resentment that it is the "unhealthiest emotion there is" and encouraged Christians to forgive others for their wrong doings.... read more


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